Sunday, November 19, 2006

Royal Winter Fair 2006! mmmm...Fudge....

it's a COWICATURE!... whoaaa! hahaha...ugh....yeah.... ;)
Tim looks ollllldddddd oops!
yay animals!
yay people and one sheep!
awwwwwww piggyyyyyy :)


Brian Evinou said...

Oh yeah, first poster, ya know it feels pretty good, posting for the first time on your blog, pretty wicked.... Um oh yeah your work, looks great Lianna, I had no idea you were such a killer life drawer. Keep up the great work, cant wait to see the final once its finished

Sam said...

Hey Lianna, really nice Royal drawings. I'm glad somebody drew, unlike myself who was to mesmerized by the friesian horses to actually draw anything... :D Yeah, I like the pig drawings, they're nice! bye!!

Anonymous said...

that random sheep is classic.