Friday, December 15, 2006

Final Leica Reel of Mermaid Movie

::::::::::::I took off the Youtube video because it was messing up my blog layout! It can still be looked up online if you want, otherwise, farewell to the overall picture until April!!!!:::::::::::::

Wow! First Semester is DONE! It flew by sooo fast! This morning was the 4th year leica screening. I think it went really well, everyone did a great job! It was really neat seeing all the different ideas up on the big screen in awesome leica form! Everyone put together some really kick-butt work! I can't wait to see how they all turn out in April! ...ergg...April..... even though I'm super pysched about getting to animate, I don't want to think past Christmas!

Here's my final leica, there's a few technical changes that are going to be made, but I can do those in actual production. I hope people like it! Steph Boutet wrote and performed the song :) She's awesome eh! A big thank you too to all the people who helped me get to my final leica, it is much appreciated :)

oh yeah! Rent the movie "Joyeux Noel" it's sooo ....soo.... well it left me speechless last night! It's really beautiful!


moonbora said...

lol ur leica was real fun.

hanz said...

love your leica since you showed it in my mentor group, love the music too, and hey you took my suggestion about the last shot, yay!

sorry about mr. elephant not being at the screening, that was totally not my fault...sigh.

Sam said...

hey Lianna, I loved your leica reel!! It was AMAZING :D Good job!! Have a good holiday break!!

Anonymous said...

i love the ending..... the look on his face is priceless... the reel looks great keep it up

Anonymous said...

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