Monday, January 15, 2007

Oops! I've been lazy!

I was politely reminded today that I haven't updated my blog in oh about ...forever!!! So here's people page #2 from first term to tide things over until I get some new stuff up! (new stuff has been scanned, I just need to crop and rotate it, so I'll post again in the next couple days!) I hope everyone had an amazing break and best of luck to everyone for semester 2!


Sam Bradley said...

hah. i'm glad to be a polite reminder ;)

These are great Lianna. Especially like the one of Elizabeth, it looks just like her!

jessx2 said...

lianna bananaaa

Finally updated my blog...

so I'm lazier than you... I win!

Erica Pitt said...

I am also guilty of non-posting action for a little while.

I posted some things today and the other day...but none were so much art related I must confess hahah.

Good works Lianna!!!!!!!!